About NorthSea Therapeutics

NorthSea Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotech company developing first-in class, oral, structurally-engineered lipid therapeutics. The team leverages Structurally Engineered Fatty Acid (SEFA) technology to develop novel and unique therapeutic approaches targeting metabolic, inflammatory and fibrotic diseases. The SEFA technology has generated pipeline candidates with a broad array of inter- and independent biological effects, improving dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, hepatic inflammation and fibrosis in diverse models.

After extensive in vivo/in vitro profiling the company’s lead compound, icosabutate, was selected based on its ability to modulate pivotal pathways associated with inflammatory liver disease, including non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).  Icosabutate is a potent structurally engineered fatty acid, specifically designed to maximise substrate availability for key pathways involved in the pathogenesis of NASH.

“Utilising SEFA technology, NorthSea Therapeutics has developed a novel and unique therapeutic approach to targeting metabolic, inflammatory and fibrotic diseases”
Hilde H. Steineger

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Co-founder, NorthSea Therapeutics

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